Become a Member

Become a Member of the Main Street Association

To be a member of Main Street is to be an active contributor to the quality of life here in Stevensville.

Benefits of Membership

Local Residents / Consumers:  Better shopping and benefits of shopping locally. A sense of pride in our downtown.  A place where people can gather for social and cultural activities.  Opportunities to keep our youth in town. A sense of hometown community.  Tax dollars stay in the community.  Creates a historical awareness of our architecture and history.

Property Owners:  Increased occupancy, rent stability, increased property values, assistance with tax credits, grants, loan programs.  Design and co-op maintenance, communications medium with other property owners, better image, new uses.

City Government:   Increased tax base, more tourism, increased property values, increased number of jobs, healthy economy, better services available, positive perception of downtown and community, better relations between town hall and the private sector, increased volunteer base for city, education resources for planning and economic development.

Retail Business Owners:  Increased sales, improved image, increased value of business, coordinated efforts between local business, quality of business life, educational opportunities ( Seminars and Workshops), increased traffic, promotion and advertising, better business mix, community pride, have needs and issues addressed.

Service Business Owners:   Image building/improvement, pride, new/renewed/repeated exposure, increased variety of services, healthier economy generates new/more businesses, new customers, improved image, creates new market.

Financial Institutions:  Community reinvestment, potential for loans, deposits, and other services, improved image and good will, survival of community critical to bank success and economic stability.

Preservationists: Reinforces common goal of preservation, education of public and group, improved public image, improved economic feasibility of preservation, increased awareness and credibility.

County Government:  Increased public relations for County, viable downtown is a draw for county-wide area businesses and industry, county/community pride, heritage preservation, viable downtown increases tax base.

Utility Companies:  Additional business, longer business hours, more employees, healthy businesses feel freer to increase utility usage, healthy economy causes community to grow, quality in main street public improvements.

Now is the time to become a member of the Stevensville Mainstreet Association. Not only are there wonderful benefits to the community by investing in your town, but as a member, you will be a part of a grass roots effort to grow our town responsibility.

We hope that you will consider membership this year and help to support this organization that works for your business district and community. We need your support and in turn we will give you 365 days of devoted service working to promote your businesses, properties, historic sites, events and activities as well as bring you networking opportunities, new customers, educational seminars and consulting services. We have an incredible volunteer force of talented, skilled, enthusiastic people who work together for the betterment of our community.

Membership Investment Levels:

Affiliate $50 – $99 * Monthly SMSA Newsletter
* Listing in Annual Report to Member/Investors
Associate $100 -$199 Above PLUS:
* Inclusion in First Friday Events Marketing (non profits)
* Free Business Referrals
* Discounted Vendor Booths at SMSA Events
* Promotion Preference at SMSA Events
* Listing on SMSA Website
Principal $200 – $499 Above PLUS:
* Landing Page on SMSA Website
* Sponsorship Opportunities for SMSA Events
* Membership/Investor Certificate / Window Decal
Contributing $500 – $999 Above PLUS:
* Framed Member Investor Certificate
Supporting $1000 – $1499 Above PLUS:
* Company Logo on SMSA Publications
Sustaining $1500 and up Above PLUS:
* Representation ( Optional ) SMSA Board

Call SMSA – (406) 777-3773

Capital Local Government Above with the following modifications:
* Framed Membership Certificate
* Official Government logo on SMSA Publications
* Ex-Officio Representation ( Optional ) on SMSA Board 

Call SMSA – (406) 777-3773

Note: The Stevensville Main Street Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Membership/investor contributions are tax deductible to the extent of the law.